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Bible Sewing Camp Registration

Registration is highly recommended to plan for materials.  Please register online(below), or call the Parish office

270-395-4727 or email Paula at crecalvertcity@gmail.com.

Grand Rivers, KY

June 21:  Good Samaritan Story
June 28:  Palm Sunday Celebration & Signs
July 5:  Joseph and his coat of many colors
July 12:  Gardener and the fig tree

Four Wednesday evening sessions at St. Pius X Parish will include a Bible story and a related sewing craft.  The Camp is open to all ages (especially ages from 8 - 108).  Session times are 6:00pm - 7:30pm.  Come for all four sessions or just a couple.  

Cost is $5.00 each session.

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Bible Sewing Camp 2023